Puppy Culture 

Animals raised in enriched environments have been shown to have the following physiological changes over animals raised under standard laboratory conditions:

•Larger brains

•More new brain cells and neural connections

•Better brain cell survival

The result of these physical changes in brain structure result in the following intellectual and emotional benefits:

•Improved ability to learn and remember

•More emotional stability

•Better resiliency to stress

The first twelve weeks of a puppies life are crucial to their development. As a breeder, we so much opportunity to improve the lives of our puppies and their success with their new families. 

Puppies are raised around essential oils from birth. They are never exposed to toxic chemicals. 

They are also raised around my adult Staffords at an appropriate age. 

Puppies will not be adopted until 10 weeks.  

Low Vaccinations 

Bullwark Staffords follows a low vaccination protocol. 

Puppies are weaned on raw food and will continue to be feed raw natural foods throughout their development in my home. It is highly preferred that Bullwark puppy owners continue on a raw diet and low vaccine protocols.