Raw Feeding

Note: All Bullwark Stafford puppies are weaned on a natural raw diet. I prefer a home that is educated on raw feeding or open to learning and continuing a raw diet for your Bullwark puppy.



I started on my journey of raw feeding in 2016 and I have seen so many health benefits in my Staffords. Healthy shiny coats, cleaner teeth, consistent bowel movements, weight management, etc. When you are already feeding a high-quality kibble, raw feeding is not more expensive at all when you are sourcing it correctly. It is important to remember that most vets will not support a raw diet, it takes independent and critical thinking to make this decision for you and your dog. 





If you must feed a commercially manufactured raw diet then watch for the following:

  • Avoid HPP foods 
  • Food must be analyzed on a caloric basis not dry matter basis
  • Watch the fat content! 
  • Avoid synthetic vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid raw foods with fish oil added