Staffords & Dog Parks 

Staffords should not be brought into close contact with other dogs. My personal experience, is that Staffords are tolerable, they generally will not start a fight but they will most certainly end it.  It is best to avoid confrontations, keeping in mind the strength and fearlessness of the Stafford. It is your responsibility, to keep your dog out of these types of situations. Staffords are NOT dog park dogs. If you are looking for a dog that you can take to dog parks, dog beaches, and run off lead this is NOT your breed. Keep in mind, that regardless of how the confrontation started, Stafford owners will always take the blame. It is your responsibility, to understand the dog you have at the end of your leash. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are extremely powerful, more powerful than we think. 

  Daily Enrichment

An adult Stafford should an hour a day of exercise or more depending on their energy level. Daily activities can include, walks, runs (at appropriate age), scent games/puzzles, tug of war, fetch, as well as swimming. There are many other activities that your Stafford’s may enjoy. I can no longer water the grass or hose anything down, without my Staffords jumping up and down at the water. When I turn the music on at the house, Raven knows its time to play! You really can make most activities fun with your Stafford, if you can keep up! 

I take my dogs anywhere that they are allowed. Even if its just a quick trip running errands or running to a family members house. I almost always have a dog with me in the back crate. They honestly, do not care where they are going as long as they are with you! My Staffords go out to eat with us, breweries, and shopping stores etc. As a Stafford owner, we need to be great ambassadors for our breed.

Flirt Poles are very fun and something most Staffords enjoy. 

A Spring pole in your backyard attached to a tree or wooden pole is great back exercise for your Stafford and most Staffords enjoy the use of them. 

Video-Raven spring pole

Puppy Appropriate Exercise

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Toys & Chews – Gouhgnuts, West Paws, and Kong are some brands of toys that I prefer for my Staffords. Keep in mind Nothing is indestructible for a Stafford (even if the packaging says so). I have had the most success with Goughnuts, my dogs have enjoyed the donut sizes and the sticks.